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Digital Menu Digital Menu

MenuAdda replaces the paper menu with the digital menu of your restaurant with all the ingredients and description of a particular dish.

Kitchen Management Kitchen Management

Restaurant chef can see the number of dishes he needs to prepare which is coming from different tables at once. He can prepare them at once to save Time and Energy in the kitchen.

Order management Order management

MenuAdda manages your orders and gives you all the reports with details. The restaurant owner has all the rights to confirm and cancel the order that will be directly notified to the user.

Customer Management Customer Management

MenuAdda gives an option to manage your customers from your place you can know what your customers have ordered and collect payment details and also collect feedback given by the customer from anywhere.

Feedback Management Feedback Management

MenuAdda helps you to capture the customer feedback. Engages customers with compelling digital experiences and keep peace with Customers.

Offer management Offer management

MenuAdda gives an option to the Restaurant owner in giving out an offer for a particular dish with flat and percentage wise.

Sales Report Sales Report

MenuAdda gives you a Sales report with graphical representation and with the full details of the individual sale.

Order Report Order Report

Restaurant Owner can see the order report any time with all the details only by login and he also can see how many orders by intervals of time.

Accounting Report Accounting Report

MenuAdda Manages the account of your restaurant with the price of individual dish and also all the order details and it also calculates how much you earned from today’s orders.

Graphical Analytics Graphical Analytics

MenuAdda provides you the number of order representation graphically both mobile and web so that everyone can understand better.

End of day reporting End of day reporting

By end of the day no need of any calculation from your side MenuAdda will provide you all the reports of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Menu Report Menu Report

MenuAdda will show you how many items you have in your report it also provides and option to activate or deactivate a particular item.

Expand Expand

Grow effortlessly with MenuAdda and quickly add more items and users. MenuAdda is developed to solve maximum issues what you are facing in your restaurant.

Centralize Data Centralize Data

Centrally manage prices and Menus, tax rates, stock levels, staff, customers, reporting and Offers of your restaurant easily.

Go Digital Go Digital

MenuAdda makes your restaurant digital with digital menu, order management, offer management, waiter management can be done in one place.

Change Menu Change Menu

By using MenuAdda your Menu will be different from the other restaurant Menus and you can manage the Menus easily.

More Profit More Profit

MenuAdda will reduce the human resources required in the restaurant, and also it gives 100% satisfaction to the customer so profit will increase and the processing time will be less so it can manage more orders at a time.

Go World-Wide Go World-Wide

Whether you want to open a new store in your city, a new state, or even a new country, MenuAdda will work across the world with multi-currency support.

Mobile Mobile

By using your mobile you can see what is going on in your restaurant only by login and maintain all the orders, tables from the mobile. It also provides the Visual menu to the Customers of your restaurant in their mobile.

Intuitive Intuitive

More than a beautiful design, MenuAdda modern interface is so easy to use that your staff will pick it up in minutes. It works on Mac or PC, and mobile also and runs directly from your internet browser.

Simple Simple

MenuAdda can be used by the restaurant very easy they will understand the flow and they also get notifications in mobile when order is placed by the Customer, and it can be use in both mobile and web.

Reliable Reliable

MenuAdda will give 100% satisfaction to the customer of your restaurant so it increases the orders and It performs better with all the features required for your restaurant like User management, order management, table management etc.

Fast Fast

MenuAdda is a Cloud based so it works faster with your internet speed and Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.

Scalable Scalable

MenuAdda will helps your restaurant to grow faster with the digitalization and it also helps the customer to know about the items in the restaurant and it reduces maximum efforts of the restaurant. So easily it increases the profit of the restaurant.

The application for success, from 1 store to 100+

Benefits of Menuadda

  • Sales Report
  • Analytics
  • Track all the Orders
  • No Paper Work
  • No Hardware Required
  • Real time Report
  • Multi payment options
  • High table turn around

Benefits for Users

  • Mobile wallet
  • Digital menu
  • Customization of food
  • Order Individually
  • See Video Menu
  • No installation required

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