Privacy Policy

This legal document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000, and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. This legal document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended through Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 that require publishing the privacy policy for access or usage of Menuadda service and its integrated systems.

This privacy policy applies to all users of Menuadda service and its integrated systems.

By using this service, clicking the “I accept” button or completing the registration process, you agree and acknowledge that you have reviewed this privacy policy, given consent and accepted this agreement.

References in these Terms to “we” or “us” or “app” or “firm” are references to Menuadda service and “you” as subscriber/customer of Menuadda service and its integrated systems.

PURPOSE OF Menuadda service:

The aim of Menuadda is to enhance the dining experience of customers visiting restaurants by providing them a handy Menuadda service. This application act as customers’ own personalized manager at restaurants partnered with Menuadda. Customers visiting Menuadda partnered restaurants will no more have to connect to restaurant managers to select the vacant table, ask for the menu cards, wait for restaurant manager to take order, collecting payments and much more. Menuadda service will do it all for customers.

Alternatively, Menuadda as a complete solution is provided to restaurants as well. Restaurants can partner with Menuadda to automate their restaurant activities and facilitate their customers to select their desired table, place order and make payment from their table itself also restaurants can manage their inventory and staff using the Menuadda service.


We help any restaurant run their show in a streamlined, organised and revenue generating way without having to invest anything on hardware.
We make things simple for both the customers and the restaurants.

No personalized attention needed: Menuadda service is itself customer’s personalized manager helping them select the desired table, browse the menu, place order and make payment.

No menu card required: The restaurant menu is on the customer’s application when they enter the Menuadda partnered restaurant. They can browse the menu of that restaurant on Menuadda customer application and can start ordering without waiting for supervisor to take their order.

If customer is done, he is ready to pay: Using Menuadda service, once user is done having their food, they can make online payment through app using their Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking. No worries even if user wishes to pay cash. For cash payment, user can send Cash Payment request to supervisor through the service. Supervisor will be notified on manager service for cash payment. Supervisor can collect the cash from customer and can make change status of order as paid. Once status changes to paid, customer receives the payment receipt on the service as well as email and SMS.

No trained staff required. Customer can manage their own orders, tastes, quantity as Menuadda supports all. Through Menuadda service, customer can add their order to cart with flexibility to customize the order the way they wish to. Customer can set the quantity, taste, select extra toppings/ingredients etc.

Quick Call to Manager. For any assistance, customer doesn’t need to search or wait for supervisor. They can send request via customer app and supervisor is notified on manager app to attend the customer.


While providing aforesaid online services, the issue of online privacy is extremely crucial for Menuadda which is committed to safeguarding the information provided by its users and other stakeholders. Menuadda is dedicated to create a reasonably secured environment for its stakeholders on internet.

Respecting privacy of its online users while providing top-of-the-line services have remained the core strategies for Menuadda. Our Privacy Policy gives users a view of the Privacy Practices followed by Menuadda and assures them of safe passage through the app.

At the same time, Menuadda would like to make it clear that its app provides links to other websites/apps that are governed by their own Privacy Policies and Menuadda does not take responsibility for the security provided by these sites / apps. Visitors to the Menuadda app are urged to familiarize themselves with its Privacy Policy as well the policies of the third party sites/apps that collect personally identifiable information.

When you provide us with your personal data, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations stipulated under our Privacy Policy and are bound by it. If you do not agree to our Policy then please do not use the site or the app.


Online processes & type of information collected through Menuadda service. Use and Disclosure of personal information.

Processes & type of information collected through Menuadda service:

Online Processes

User registering at the Menuadda shall go through following processes:

User registration: User payment through payment gateway (if any) User access to online materials (upload/download/use). User access to own account details. User access to own payment history.

Personal Information

Users registering at the Menuadda app, you are requested to provide some personally identifiable information which becomes the property of Menuadda and can be shared, disclosed or distributed to third parties only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. It must be clarified here that registration is mandatory for users.

Use and Disclosure of personal information

Menuadda will not sell or rent or publish such personally identifiable information collected. The personally identifiable information is supplied voluntarily for some of the following purposes:

Registration Data & Other Optional Information: You will be asked to register on registration link. During registration you will be requested to complete a registration form setting out basic online contact information about yourself. Such sensitive personal information shall include but not limited to following:

Mobile Number, First Name, Last Name, email ID, Gender, Birth Date, Profile Picture, Facebook ID, City, State, Zip code, Address, Country, Geo location details.

E-mail information: You agree and acknowledge that when we receive e-mails from you, we may retain the content of any e-mail messages sent to us, as well as details of your e-mail address. You further agree and acknowledge that Menuadda shall use your email id and mobile number information for sending promotional messages from time to time.

Data for analytics: We collect small amounts of information/data contained in your browser for data analytics. Data analytics help us track your navigation so that we can tailor our offerings to your specific needs. The kind of information that may be stored on our data analytics includes registration data so that a user does not need to re-enter the information every time he/she visits a particular area, user IP address, user ISP details, user browser, devices OS details, Current Latitude, Current Longitude, Device Token, Device Type, App Version, Date registered on, Last Logged in, Logged in Latitude, Logged in Longitude, Active, Suspend Reason, Other Reason and Last updated on. You allow us, agree and acknowledge for aforesaid data gathering and analytics so as to get personalized offerings to your specific needs.

Third party Apps/apps which are accessible from our app via links, click-through or banner advertising may use Cookies. However, it is important for us to inform you that we shall have no access or control over such Cookies and therefore you agree that we shall not be held responsible for privacy issues relating to third parties.

Choice/Opt outs

Menuadda gives you the choice regarding the collection and usage of your personally identifiable information. During registration for “joining our mailing list,” we request for contact information in order to send bulletins and for advertising purposes. You may therefore choose to opt out of providing such information.

Further, once you are registered at the Menuadda service, you will have the option at any stage to inform us that you no longer wish to receive future e-mails and you may “unsubscribe” by contacting on unsubscribe link.

Further, as per Rule 5(7) of the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended through Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008, you have an option to withdraw your consent for use of your sensitive personal data given earlier to us. Such withdrawal of consent shall be sent in writing to our registered address.

Reasonable Security Practices as per I.T. Act, 2000 and its Rules

We have implemented reasonable security practices as per Rule 8 of the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended through Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008.

Access to your personal account online is password protected. We will not release your account password to any person. In the event that you forget your password, you may generate an on-line request for your password to be sent to you by e-mail at the e-mail address used during registration.

Menuadda has implemented stringent, internationally acceptable standards of technology, managerial security, technical security, operational security and physical security in order to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction. The data resides behind a firewall, with access restricted to authorized personnel of Menuadda.

Menuadda has implemented “Reasonable Security Practices” as required by the Information Technology Act, 2000 rules including any amendment in the said Act and its rules. By complying with such provisions, Menuadda assures you proper care and control over its I.T. and Security operations under sections 43, 43A, 45, 66,72A & 85 of I.T. Act, 2000 and I.T.A.A, 2008 including related rules and therefore you agree that Menuadda shall not be held responsible for any activity in your account which results from your failure to keep your own password/mobile secured.

By using this service you agree that Menuadda shall not be held responsible for any uncontrollable security attacks and in such cases you agree that Menuadda shall not be held responsible for any type of financial losses, loss of opportunity, legal cost, business losses, reputation loss, direct and indirect losses that may occur to you as per the Provisions of Section 43, 43A and 45 of Information Technology Act, 2000 including any amendments in the said Act and any other laws of India for the time being in force.

You further agree that Menuadda’s management shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for any cybercrime related criminal liabilities under I.T. Act, 2000 relating to your information as you have agreed and acknowledged that management of Menuadda complies with due diligence (care & controls) requirements of I.T. Act, 2000 including its rules and amendments.

  • User name & password
  • HTTPS (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Software firewalls
  • Anti-virus and anti-spamming software.
  • Hash algorithms for secured password storage.
  • Use of strong password.
  • Log files.
  • Backup controls.
  • Cyber Crime, Cyber Law & Security Awareness for Menuadda team
  • provides complete list of information security controls of server on which Menuadda service is hosted.

Further, you also agree and acknowledge that Menuadda management shall never be held responsible regarding privacy of your sensitive personal data in case of sharing your sensitive personal data to any authorized cyber investigation agency of appropriate government authorities under sections 67C, 69, 69A, 69B, 70B, 79 and 80 of I.T.Act,2000 including its amendments and rules.

Grievance Redressal

If you have any questions or grievances regarding the privacy statement, practices of the site, or any other transaction issue, please contact our grievance officer on We have appointed our grievance officer as per Rule 5 (9) of the Information Technology of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended through Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 and you can contact him on